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November 28, 2011
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        I woke up so suddenly that I fell off of my hammock. Traces of my dreams still lingered in my mind. Sweat covered my body and I was shivering from head to toe.

        I couldn't stand it anymore. I kicked off my sheets and practically ran out of the room. The Hephaestus cabin did an amazing job. I don't know how, but they somehow were able to squeeze in room for all the campers who came with us. About half of the campers from Camp Half-Blood decided to tag along.

        It was like camp on a flying boat. Clarisse La Rue was sharpening her electric spear while glaring at anyone who walked by, as if imagining how they would look with a spear through their heads. Travis and Conner Stoll were sneaking along with a roll of toilet paper in their hands. I kept a hand on my wallet just for safe measures. Jason walked past, shoulder to shoulder with Piper, while Leo floated around him, telling them some jokes that made both Jason and Piper laugh. While in the middle of telling his joke his foot slipped on a piece of toilet paper the Stoll Brothers left behind and immediately fell on his butt. That made them laugh even more. I even managed a quick smile.

        But my smile soon faded into a more concerned frown. Seeing Jason and Piper laughing brings the thought of Percy through her mind like a tidal wave. I remember how whenever he did something stupid, we would both share a good laugh. How will Percy react when we meet? Will there be hugs and kisses? What if he doesn't even remember me. His memories were surely erased like Jason's was. Oh, who am I kidding? My life isn't a fluffy love story. My life is that of a demigod, and that's never easy. Then an even more terrible thought comes to me. What if he's already gotten a new girlfriend at the Roman Camp. My heart begins to ache so I force myself to ignore the thought.

        As if on cue, a blow horn rang in the distance.

        Leo began shouting orders. "Prepare to land! We'll be landing in about 10 minutes!" Campers ran in every direction. Some strapped on armor and readied their weapons. Most just sat there waiting for directions, while some ran around like blind mice. A couple campers jumped out of their hammocks in surprise.

        Anxiety. I saw it in everyone's eyes and I won't deny that I'm not feeling the up most confident. More horns blew from a distance but this time it sounded much closer like it came from right below us. Curiosity took over and it probably did to a lot of the others because almost everybody abandoned their planned positions and leaned over the edge to catch their first glimpse of the Roman camp.

        It literally took my breath away. Buildings, so many of them. Oh you won't believe how long I would be talking about architecture right now if it weren't such a serious moment. A hill with magnificent temples, sparkling white and shiny in the California sun. A new version of the Coliseum gleamed in the distance which instantly reminded me of my nightmares. I pushed the thought away, afraid that I might pass out on the spot.

        The Roman camp came clearer and closer as the Argo II descended. A group of people began to crowd below us and one of them might be Percy. My heartbeat became faster and faster as the ship sank lower and lower. I bet all of America could hear my heart racing. The ground was now just a few feet away now and my heart felt like it was about explode into a million pieces.

        The Argo II then landed with a loud thud and everyone on board lost their balance and fell to the floor. Seconds after landing the latch at the side of ship unlocked with a small click  and the pathway off the boat was opened. Leo laughed nervously with a hand behind his head. Jason was the first to recover and soon everyone was able regain their balance. Leo was going around helping people up while apologizing over and over.

        But Jason wasn't paying attention to Leo, he walked blindly to the gate, staring at his fellow Roman demigods.
Hey guys, I finally finished editing the 2nd chapter for "The Mark of Athena"! Again, tell me if I wrote anything incorrect like character names and such. Please comment and favorite.

the epic world of percy jackson (c) Rick Riordan

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